Tx Talk


Omni-channel Interface

Single Application to handle Voice calls, Live chat, Email and Social media channels.

Support for multiple SIP accounts

Supports all standard SIP features including IM, presence, DTMF, etc.

Secure communication

TLS and SRTP for calls, secure web connection for chats, emails, and social media.

Screen pop on call events

Automated screen pop on call events providing the agent with case/customer information.

Quality of Service(QOS)

Real time QOS with details about codec in use, packet loss percent, jitter and round trip delay.

Integrated web browser

Built In web browser for seamless integration with leading CRMs.


An Omni-Channel Customer Engagement Softphone

Omni-channel Interface

TxTalk provides a single Agent Interface for engaging with customers over multiple channels like Voice, Instant messaging, Email, SMS and Social Media. Agents can choose to be part of more than one or two queues belonging to different channels and can view the queue status on a single User Interface.

Integrated Web Browsers

TxTalk has a built in web browser and provides JavaScript APIs. The integrated web browser screens can be used to pop-up CRM, Wrap ups and generic forms. Developers can use the simple APIs to retrieve information and send information or commands to the application.

Dynamic URL Screenpops

Supports dynamic URL screen pops where the URL can be completed by replacing placeholders with call related data just before pop up.

Audio Codecs

Supports a wide range of industry leading audio codecs like GSM, iLBC, G.711aLaw, G.711uLaw, G.722, L16, Speex, Speex FEC, Speex Wideband, Speex Wideband FEC.

Provisioning for enterprise/Active Directory Integration

TxTalk allows smart and easy deployment through a provisioning server. This avoids the user setting up the account details and preferences manually. Also supports active directory integration for user login.

Secure end-to-end communication

Supports secure end to end communication for all the channels it handles. In the case of voice calls,the signalling and the media can be encrypted with the combination of TLS and SRTP. For Instant messaging, Email and Social media, the client-server communication is over secure Web Sockets.

Support for multiple SIP accounts

Ability for registering to more than one SIP accounts and thus can handle calls from multiple telephony servers.

Quality of Service(QOS)

Real time Quality of service with details about codec in use, packet loss percent, jitter and round trip delay.

Set custom notifications

When agents received calls from multiple queues, custom notifications can be set for each queues that notify the agents when the call is being alerted on their desktop.

Personalized Address Book

Agents can add the frequently dialled contacts into their address book with presence indication.

Call History

History of all the dialled/missed/received calls are available from a single window.


Supports all the standard features of a softphone

NAT and Firewall Traversal

Support for STUN, TURN Auto or Manual Firewall Traversal

Control features through provisioning

Administrators can turn on/off the features through provisioning.

Quick chat

Agents can communicate with each through the easy to use chat facility.

API Support

Third party applications can integrate with the softphone using the API’s provided.

Auto Answer

Incoming calls can be automatically answered with this mode on.



Supports built in Connectors to various systems


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