Chirp - Interlink

Ominichannel recording

Multichannel Capability

Gone are the days of switching between multiple applications. Chirp was conceptualized and developed to be an application that facilitates customer support executives to handle calls, web chat, email and social media interactions from a single application.

Third Party Integration

Easily subscribe to Chirp events and act on them using the Chirp Javascript SDK. The SDK even facilitates actions like changing state or making a call on some web event.

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Chirp highly customizable

Easy to customize

The modular design of chirp and the support for remote provisioning makes Chirp highly customizable. Each channel/integration will be an application plugin and all the required configurations will be pulled from the provisioning server. This facilitates easy setup and customization in large contact centers.

Dynamic Screen-pops

Screen pops of web pages and/or other applications can be triggered on session events such as ringing/answering a call/chat. Session data can be accessed in screen pop commands through macros which will be replaced just before triggering.

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Dynamic Screen-pops
Secure communication

Secure Communication

Chirp supports encrypted communication on all supported channels and integrations. The signalling and media of VoIP calls are encrypted using TLS and SRTP respectively. The data exchange for chat, email, social media and any other integration all happen over secure web sockets.