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A Powerful, comprehensive all-in-one Omni-channel Customer Engagement Platform specifically designed and developed to enable Enterprises to engage with their customers seamlessly.

Unified Customer Experience

Ability to engage the customers through various digital channels giving a more personalized, proactive and a truly unified omnichannel experience.

Improve Agents Efficiency

Enable the agents with a unified desktop client providing a 360 degree view of interaction across all channels and help them provide a quicker resolution thus improving customer experience.

Smarter Customer Service

A single and consolidated customer engagement platform that reduces costs and helps to provide best customer service support.

Flexible Licensing

Flexible licensing model to handle both inbound and outbound call processes with a single license allowing on the fly distribution of traffic between inbound and outbound queues.

Cloud Ready

Easy to deploy, scalable cloud based solution with low maintenance costs. The multi-tenancy architecture with pay-as-you-go model lets you to add any service as and when required.

CRM Integrations

Improve agents efficiency with built-in crm connectors for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamic CRM, zoho giving a complete 306 degree view of customer interaction.

Maximum Software Platform

Ability to handle large call volumes using low cost entry level enterprise servers reducing the Total cost of ownership.

PBX Agnostic

Helps contact centers to move from legacy hardware based PBX’s to completely software driven IP-PBXs using industry standard server machines. Seamless integration with VOIP PBXs such as Avaya, Skype for Business, FreeSwitch, Cisco.

Next Gen Features

Voice Biometrics

Provide a better and stronger form of authentication by verifying customers identity through voice patterns than traditional credential based methods.


Enable self service applications by providing round-the-clock real time support thus freeing up the agents to handle more complex queries.

Analytics & Reporting

Maintain a positive relationship with customers by analysing data collected from various sources to get an insight into customer activities.

Stay Connected

Integration with widely used VOIP applications like Truecaller, WhatsApp , Twilio & Viber enabling enhanced customer experience.


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