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An Advanced Omnichannel Agent Interface

Advanced Omnichannel Agent Interface Advanced Omnichannel Agent Interface

Multichannel Capability

Gone are the days of switching between multiple applications. Chirp was conceptualized and developed to be an application that facilitates customer support executives to handle calls, web chat, email and social media interactions from a single application.

Third Party Integration

Easily subscribe to Chirp events and act on them using the Chirp JavaScript SDK. The SDK even facilitates actions like changing state or making a call on some web event.

Easy to customize

The modular design of chirp and the support for remote provisioning makes Chirp highly customizable. Each channel/integration will be an application plug-in and all the required configurations will be pulled from the provisioning server. This facilitates easy setup and customization in large contact centers.

Dynamic Screen-pops

Screen pops of web pages and/or other applications can be triggered on session events such as ringing/answering a call/chat. Session data can be accessed in screen pop commands through macros which will be replaced just before triggering.

Secure Communication

Chirp supports encrypted communication on all channels and integrations. The signalling and media of VoIP calls are encrypted using TLS and SRTP respectively. The data exchange for chat, email, social media and any other integration, all happen over secure web sockets.


Improve Sales with live chat

Improve Sales with live chat

Most of the young customers prefer communicating over live chat since it’s faster. TxChat offers a powerful and flexible chat module that you can easily plug-in into your websites. Engage with your website visitors in real time and improve customer satisfaction through targeted offers thus increasing the sales conversion rate.

Provide interactive customer experience with ‘Click-to-chat’

Engage with potential customers through click to chat option. Customer support executives get additional features like transfer, canned response, send attachments which help in providing a fast and reliable customer support and increase customer satisfaction

Seamless switch between voice and chat

The chat session can be seamlessly converted into a web calling session on click of a button.

Post-chat survey

Automatically gather customer feedback after an interaction with a representative to strengthen customer relationships and evaluate agent performance.

Versatile ACD emails

Exclusive distribution strategy to manage the large email volumes.

Manage Subscribers

Manage and maintain the subscribers, and send anManage and maintain the subscribers, and send an automated mail on need basis.

Reach customers proactively and strengthen loyalty

Use the huge amount of data collected about the customers to gain an insight into the services they would be interested in and proactively reach them through email notifications.

Use Personalized Email Templates/Canned Responses

Customize the response email templates based on the specific business needs and provide more details about an issue. Improve the quality of the agent replies by using canned responses.


Manage Subscribers

Feed filtering

Ability to filter out unnecessary feeds by looking for specific keywords in the incoming feed thereby queueing only required feeds.

Support for Canned Messages

Using a predefined set of canned messages increases the rate and accuracy of the agent’s response.

Review Less Experienced Agent’s Response

Allows supervisors to review the agent’s response before publishing it to Facebook, which ensures that junior agents do not post incorrect replies to customers.

Social Media

Feed filtering

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Success story

Karvy upgrades to TxContact to deliver state-of-the-art contact centre services to their clients

In the year 2016, Karvy Group, a leading player in the Stock broking and IT services domain ventured into the BPO space to cater to the domestic market in India. As part of this initiative, Karvy Data management Services (KDMS) acquired the domestic businesses of two leading BPO companies in India; Mphasis and Sutherlands Global and consolidated its position in the competitive BPO space in India.

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