Use the type of the dialer that best suits your business and increase productivity

Click To Dial

Helps the agents to dial the numbers with a single-mouse-click on the number they want to dial.

Manage Unlimited Campaigns

Capable of configuring unlimited number of Campaigns.

Progressive or Power Dialer

Dials the caller only when the agent is available.

Preview Dialer

Agents can pick or preview the caller to be dialled from the contact list and click to dial to reach the customer. Agent have a pre-defined amount of time to gather information about the caller.

Auto Dialer

Automatically starts dialing the contacts in the contact list of a campaign and plays a pre-recorded message. Useful in broadcasting or any remainder services where agents may not be required to be involved in the call.

Predictive Dialer

Advanced dialing system that uses a dialing algorithm to dials out the customer depending on the rate at which the calls are answered and the agent availability. Connects agents to callers only when the callers answer thus freeing the agents from reaching the automated services. Agents are utilized at a highest rate if the call volume is high.

Maintain Do-Not-Call List

Keeps the contacts up to date by allowing you to sync by uploading files that contain the numbers to be excluded. Can also sync with any external DNS sources if required.

Graphical Editor

Call flow can be designed by the user using simple to use tree view based editor. For more advanced call flows web based xml editor can be used. This also supports version management and intellisense feature.

Run multiple campaigns simultaneously

Multiple campaigns can be run simultaneously each with its own contact list, prompts etc.

Multi Language Support

Supports playing of the campaign messages to the caller in multiple languages and also collect input through speech recognition or DTMF.

Timezone management

Ability to attach a timezone to each campaign and dialout depending on the timezone specified.

Call Analysis

Ability to detect the successful and unsuccessful attempts and take action appropriately. Unsuccessful attempts include ability to detect answering machine, busy, failed, not answered, false numbers.

Set Campaign Priority

Campaigns can be prioritized, based on which the calls per campaign would be dialled. This helps in finishing high priority campaign well within the specified timings.

Agent Scripting

Agents can use a pre-configured script that is attached to each campaign and use this script while communicating with the customer thus reducing the interaction time.


These features provide the complete integration required

Computer-Telephony Integration (CTI)

Completely CTI enabled. With CTI, CTI makes the outbound dialing process more efficient, streamlined and effective and your agents will always know exactly who they are speaking with.

Integrated IVR

Ability to attach a timezone to each campaign TxDialer is integrated with IVR (DTMF and Voice Recognition) for outbound Dialer Automation.

Business Tools Integrations

Supports integration with business tools like Salesforce, Dyanamic CRM, vTiger etc. Agents can keep track of phone conversations, support requests, sales receipts, etc. all from a single interface.

Automatic Caller Information Screen Pop

TxDialer with screen pop will automatically display comprehensive information about the caller as the call is being connected.

Customizable Outbound Caller ID

Allows you to customize your outbound caller ID which will increase your connection rates as well as the probability that contacts will return your call. When you can match your caller ID to the area code of the contact you are calling, they will be more likely to answer and if they miss your call, to return your call.

Fully Customized Recording

Can be configured for 100% recording, as well on-demand recording. Calls can also be recorded according to specific criteria.

Search and Stream Recordings On-Demand

Stores various meta-data of the call (call time, date and caller ID) to enhance your documentation and allow you to search through recordings. All recordings can be streamed, avoiding the need to download every time you need to listen.

Support Wide Range of PBX and Phones

Works on wide range of PBX, Avaya or any SIP based PBX, Unified communication solutions such as Microsoft SFB, Supports SIP, IP and TDM based recording.

Easy Management and Control

TxDialer’s web based management tool, provides the accessibility from any location thus simplifying system management and providing quick access to the recordings.

LDAP Integration

LDAP Integration helps the companies with large number of users in active directory to be easily imported into TxDialer and provide different levels of access.

Flexible Storage Options

Recordings can be stored on local server, network storage or SAN-based storage locations for online operation and archival purpose.


Monitor the performance of your contact centers in real time

System Alerts

Administrators are alerted of critical system failures or network connectivity failures through different modes of communication such as emails, calls.

Reports and Dashboard

TxDialer supports both graphical and tabular reports. These reports can be easily customized through the interface by the organization admin or with the help of our support team. Administrators can also customize auto reporting, where reports can be automatically generated and emailed to the group.

Comprehensive Real-Time and Historical Reporting

Allows you to track the progress of your campaigns, agents, departments and company.

Call Monitoring

Managers have capabilities to listen to live calls, coach their agents and jump in on the call to help out a customer.


Complete Redundant Architecture

TxDialer provides a complete geographical redundant architecture and can be scaled to quickly meet demand.


Without any downtime, add on any number of ports, transparently and across multiple locations. TxDialer can also handle unlimited call volume for a given port density. TxDialer has a modular design that helps to add or remove servers or file servers without any downtime.



Supports built in Connectors to various systems


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