A highly efficient and cost effective recording system

For Skype for Business, Avaya And Freeswitch

  • Closely integrated with SFB enterprise voice telephony platform
  • Can be integrated with TxIVR, TxContact to provide end-to-end customer service
  • Integration provided through web-services
  • Support for Speech Analytics

Support over wide range of PBX and phones

  • Works on wide range of PBX, Avaya or any SIP based PBX. Supports SIP, IP and TDM based recording.
  • ISDN and SIP calls can be recorded independent of the PBX, saving the licensing cost of monitoring the skill and phone extensions on the PBX.
  • Easy management and control.
  • TxRecord’s web based management tool, provides simple GUI, making configuration and management easy for you.
  • It provides options to setup Recorders and File servers remotely.
  • Easily manage users and agents with import tools.
  • Customizable assessment forms and report for every application.

Analyze and Assess calls

Contact center can make use of assessment feature provided by the TxRecord for training as well quality assessment. The reviewer can assess calls of agent; fill review form which lists all the performance parameters for a particular application. The reviewer can listen to the agent’s recordings and enter the score in the score card. The status of the agent’s performance can be evaluated from the scores obtained

Unmatched Scalability

Without any downtime, add on any number of ports, transparently and across multiple contact center locations. TxRecord can also handle unlimited call volume for a given port density. TxRecord has a modular design that helps to add or remove recording servers or file servers without any downtime.

Redundancy and fault tolerance

Multiple TxRecord instance can load balance under any situation of failure, avoiding single point of failure. Distributed rule-based storage options also provide the administrator with unlimited flexibility. It is also capable of uninterrupted recording even if it loses connectivity to the database or file servers for a prolonged time. Its fault tolerant architecture also ensures reliable file transfer and storage. Specialized re-routing logic for seamless integration of multiple recording server devices

Recording Conversation

TxRecord can be configured for 100% recording as well as for on demand recording. You can ask TxRecord to record all calls, record on demand or record call depending on criteria set up based on schedule, customer, agent, skill or even at random.

Playing back and Retrieve the recording

Recording can be streamed avoiding the need to download every time you need to hear it. The recording can also be downloaded, in case you need to share it with others. You can play recording using standard media players such as Windows Media Player.

Search for similar calls

You can quickly retrieve all calls matching certain criteria. TxRecord stores various aspects of the call (call time, date and caller ID) to enhance your documentation and retrieve calls with the advanced search tools. Search criteria can even be saved to make your routine and frequent search an ease.

Speech Analysis

Auto processes the recording, looks for the pre-defined words and highlights every occurrence of the word. Provides a very useful feature to seek the recording to the occurrence of the words. Also authorize users can search for the occurrence of any new words in the recordings and see if the word has been used during the interaction without having to listen through the whole recording

Groups and Security

Organizations can define custom groups as per their needs and customize the access for each group. Security can be provided by allowing group access to the recordings and by limiting access on the features.

Reports and Dashboard

TxRecord supports both graphical and tabular reports. This reports can be easily customized through the interface by the organization admin or with the help of our support team. Administrators can also customize auto reporting, where reports can be automatically generated and emailed to the group.

Import Tools

Import tools reduces a lot of repetitive and time consuming work of the Admins. It allows the Admin to import Users, Agents and ACDs from the Active Directory or from the PBX (Currently supported with Avaya and TxSwitch). In case if data is in any of the not supported server, Admins can upload the data from the Excel sheet.



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