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TxReport wears a Sherlock Hat!

Is the AHT exceeding beyond the satisfactory limit in spite of employing top performing officers? Not meeting the SLA even after deploying the best in class contact center suite?
Is your process facing such performance issues? Was it a never ending quest for your team to unfold the causes behind it?
We know! And we offer TxReport, that helps you identify patterns that inflame productivity. TxReports helps you find that one busy business hour, that lacks agents’ strength. TxReport helps you filter out those officers who need more attention.

Have your own spreadsheet templates?

No problem, we generate report for you, in your way! Avoid the middlemen work between the reporting platform and the business team. Upload your own charts, description sheets, font styles, which TxReport respects and delivers every time you extract it.

reporting platform
customisable Dashboards

Heavily customisable Dashboards

Check if the Schrodinger’s cat is alive even without opening the box! Well, You don’t have to pull reports each time to know what’s happening on the floor (so old school.) TxReport features user defined dashboards. The user gets to design by picking the widgets from:

  • New or already existing report (tabular).
  • Create widget graphs from the existing or new reports
  • Pick from the bunch of preloaded widgets
  • Create a heavily customisable widgets with basic JS knowledge

With these widgets, user can analyse

  • A bird’s eye view of the contact center
  • Microscopic level detailed view of each process/agent both on the same screen!

Automate it!

Schedule your reports that can be mailed to you, saved in a shared path, or uploaded to FTP. Also, it can perform an HTTP POST to your servers at the scheduled intervals! For the nerds out there, TxReport provides API to pull reports for request parameters.

schedule Report
Multiple formats

One report | Multiple formats

Extract the reports not just in xlsx and csv, but also in pdf, xml and json - hey there developer 😜

Drill down to the atoms

Linked reports help you dig deeper from ‘monthly view’ to ’hourly view’, ‘summary of queues’ to ‘call incoming time’ in just a few clicks.

Linked reports
reports, widgets and dashboards

Want to create reports from your own data sources?

No problem! TxReport can be configured to read data from one or many data sources simultaneously. Over which the user can define and create his own reports, widgets and dashboards.