Tx Virtual Guide


The idea of “customer service” has evolved from a small team within an enterprise to dedicated support centers housing hundreds of agents interacting with customers over a variety of channels. And through the years, advancements in customer service technology have mainly benefited the customer’s experience. However, ever increasing agent training costs coupled with high attrition levels highlights the importance of agent support tools. TxVirtualGuide gets new agents trained and go live faster than ever by streamlining customer interactions and providing a clear organized support platform.


Better Work Experience

Agents use a single application for all their work. TxVirtualGuide will update all the integrated CRM / third-party applications in the backend without the agents having to interact with multiple CRMs.

Streamline Customer interaction

Through TxVirtualGuide’s extensive integration capabilities, all CRM details including customer details are can be updated and maintained quickly and without errors. It works the same for commercial CRMs like Salesforce or your in-house applications.

Reduce training time and cost

Agents use and get familiar with only a single interface provided by TxVirtualGuide; training time and the cost involved in training agents is, therefore, reduced dramatically.

Integration with simple to sophisticated CRMs

TxVirtualGuide comes with in-built support for most commonly used CRM. For any new or in-house CRM, TxVirtualGuide provides programmable integrations support to get you up and running quickly.

Improved agent efficiency

Easy to use and follow workflows provide agents with predetermined steps to follow when interacting with Customers. Your company’s knowledge base integrated right into TxVirtualGuide improve agent confidence in solving problems. With fine-tuned workflows for agents to follow, you control the delivery quality.

Improved Job Satisfaction

The right tools help agents do their work in a better and more efficient way. Predetermined steps to follow reduces support burden on agents enabling them to focus more on delivering a high-quality customer experience. Less burdened agents great at solving problems yields improved job satisfaction.



Supports built in Connectors to various systems


A victory for one is a victory for all


Most attentive, service oriented and responsive service with amazing support …


Domain Computer Services - A Major IT Support provider in NJ/NY/PA and surrounding areas

DCS + ConnectWise
DCS + TxVirtualGuide
Training Time
1.5 - 2 months on average, learn different call-flows for different customers
1 - 2 days, just follow TxVirtualGuide prompts
Agent Experience
Powerful but cumbersome UI, prone to errors and information leak, multiple CRM's to lookup customer information
A unified and simple call-flow based UI, easy to follow and fine-tune only shows information relevant to resolution of issue. Pulls information from multiple CRM's to one single display
Changing requirements
Re-train users for new call-flows
Simply change the call-flow on the fly for agents to start following
Resource utilization
High-skilled employees dealing with trivial UI/support issues
High-skilled employees design and update call-flows, Focus on non-trivial issue resolution
Customer experience
Confused agents till they are adequately trained
In-bulit knowledge base integration boosts agent confidence, yielding confident agents
New business confidence
Agent training a major hurdle with acquiring new projects or expanding operations
Increased confidence in agent performance yields increased confidence to acquire new business (acquired a major university as a client)