TxVirtualGuide - Interlink

Integrated CRM and third-party applications

Empowering agents to deliver faster & better

Agents use a single application for all their work. All the integrated CRM / third-party applications in the back end are updated without the agents having to interact with multiple CRMs.

Reduces training time & cost

Agents use and get familiar with only a single interface provided. The training time and the cost involved in training agents is, therefore, reduced dramatically.

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Reduce training time
programmable integrations support

Integration with simple to sophisticated CRMs

Comes with in-built support for most commonly used CRM. For any new or in-house CRM, it provides programmable integrations support to get you up and running quickly.

Streamline Customer interaction

Through extensive integration capabilities, all CRM details including customer details can be updated and maintained quickly and without errors. It works the same for commercial CRMs like Salesforce or your in-house applications.

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Customer interaction - TxVirtualGuide

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Success story

Discover how DCS reduced its training costs by 80% while achieving customer excellence

To address the issue of new hires having to learn complex CRMs and platforms, TxVirtualGuide provides a simple, safe, and streamlined screen for agents to provide service, without worrying about messing up CRM entries.

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